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Improve surveillance with Cloud

Cloud is everywhere and what else would be a better option (literally) to surveillance than using Cloud.

I don’t want to go in details of why surveillance is required and what is happening without it. I would like to share my thoughts on how patrolling systems in developing countries can use cloud computing to improve on surveillance. Diclaimer, I am not an expert of surveillance but I can surely tell you it is not being used efficiently or in some cases not used at all.

If you simply look at it, there are only three functions involved in the Surveillance System (SS now onwards) Capture, Transmit and Store. Capture function just generates the data and real information part happens at the store function. Search, View, Analysis etc. would happen on the Storage part of it. If an entire city has to be monitored using SS, imagine how much of data it would be and how much of infrastructure it would require.

I think decent tools for first two functions Capture and Transmit are readily available and the challenge might be to have a good tool for Storage. With all the benefits of cloud computing, its availability, affinity and nearly unlimited storage at inexpensive cost should be an option to consider.

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