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Cloud seems to be mainstream now!!

This is a super-cool experience, hence wanted to share this. You know a technology is main-stream when the end user knows it’s useful and feels handicapped without it.

Currently I am working in a small town about 100+miles from Chicago, and staying at a motel with good ambience and good people around. Last weekend I found their Manager busy with a lot of paper work. She looked harried and said she had been very busy because their Server Crashed. They would have to wait for almost a week to get their new server which would cost them more than just a few dollars. Her tale of woe didn’t end there – after the server came in, they would have to transfer the manual paper entries to the server. Oh… long hours for the poor lady and her team, I thought.L

It struck me how appropriate Cloud would be in such a situation, but desisted from showing off my cloud skills to the manager. Still, I couldn’t hold back a lot and out of curiosity, I asked, “But why do you have only one server?”

She gave a big laugh and said “You are right!” She had asked the same question to the owner and the reason she was given was the high cost of the server – they could afford only one now.

Now, all that is normal and run-of-the-mill conversation. In a later chat, I was astonished enough to have my eyes popping out with delight.

She said, “I don’t understand why we don’t use the cloud here? I can use it on my mobile; everybody is making use of the cloud – at least the cloud drive from anywhere, why can’t we do that?

I was like WOW!! She started explaining to me whatever she knew about the cloud. Now, that feeling was like super-cool. Remember those days when we had to explain to techies about what is cloud and here it is, a manager at small motel not being very technical, knows what the Cloud is and more importantly how and where it makes sense to use it! J

Just using the cloud server from somewhere else with high availability, automated replication and quick provisioning would definitely fit into this situation. If nothing else, they should use at least a cloud drive which holds the regular automated backup of their server and restores it when needed.

Good conversation to remember.  Now on, if anybody asks me about the cloud and where it makes sense, I would definitely remember this smart manager at a motel who knows not only about Cloud but also its use-case!!!

There are a lot of scenarios, workflows, cases and best-fits for Cloud but rather than always going into the detailed analysis, we just need to look around and would quickly be able to figure it out where it makes sense to be in Cloud.

Happy to experience that cloud is mainstream now.

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