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Windows Azure migration – The application ‘/’ belonging to site has an invalid AppPoolId

We are working on a migration project an web site to be migrated to Windows Azure. In the process, we added a cloud project in the solution and added ASP.Net Web Site as a web role. After setting the other Azure related stuff when we tried running the solution (Cloud Project) got a weird error as below :

After spending a good amount of time in validation web.config, assemblies and even restarting the Azure Emulator we couldn’t fix this, still the same error.

In the event viewer saw following warnings:

A process serving application pool ‘249f00d5-fd0c-4d07-848b-3dd39e5a824b’ terminated unexpectedly. The process id was ‘7860’. The process exit code was ‘0xfffffffe’.


Site 1273337584 was disabled because the root application defined for the site is invalid. See the previous event log message for information about why the root application is invalid.


The application ‘/’ belonging to site ‘1273337584’ has an invalid AppPoolId ‘249f00d5-fd0c-4d07-848b-3dd39e5a824b’ set.  Therefore, the application will be ignored

Seemed like something wrong with AppPool or at least in Deployment.

After disabling the Web Deployment Package Settings for the Web Site project we could resolve this problem.

Right click on the ASP.Net Web Site project go to properties and from Package/Publish Web tab disable check box  Create deployment package as a zip file  as indicated below.

After disabling the Web Deployment Package Setting, the project worked like a charm.

It took us couple of hours to resolve this, hope to save some of your time.


Monetize PaaS – Windows Azure

I had the opportunity to listen to leading CIOs in India and was also honored to speak in front of them. Here is the agenda of the summit. I also attended and presented at a similar event held in Delhi.

My topic was “Monetizing Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Implementation Models” where PaaS here is (what else :)) Windows Azure.
Please do read the complete post here 

Also, the slides are available at ssachin7